Synonyms and related words:
accord, accordance, affinity, agape, agreement, allness, amity, assent, bill, bonds of harmony, bone, brotherly love, buck, caritas, cement of friendship, charity, chorus, coequality, coherence, coincidence, collectivity, combination, communion, community, community of interests, compatibility, completeness, complex, concert, concord, concordance, conformance, conformation, conformity, congeniality, congruence, congruency, congruity, consistency, consonance, consort, cooperation, correspondence, differentiation, differentness, distinctiveness, egohood, elementarity, embodiment, empathy, entireness, entirety, equality, equivalence, esprit, esprit de corps, feeling of identity, fellow feeling, fellowship, fish, frictionlessness, frogskin, fundamentality, fusion, good vibes, good vibrations, happy family, harmony, homogeneity, homoousia, human factor, identity, indistinguishability, individualism, individuality, indivisibility, intactness, integer, integrality, integration, integrity, intersection, inviolability, irreducibility, kinship, like-mindedness, love, monism, mutuality, no difference, nominalism, nonconformity, organic unity, overlap, parallelism, particularism, particularity, peace, personal equation, personal identity, personality, personship, plainness, purity, rapport, rapprochement, reciprocity, sameness, self-consistency, self-identity, selfhood, selfness, selfsameness, severity, sharing, simpleness, simplicity, singleness, singularity, skin, smacker, solidarity, solidification, solidity, soul, starkness, symmetry, sympathy, symphony, sync, synchronism, synonymity, synonymousness, synonymy, tally, team spirit, timing, totality, unadulteration, understanding, undividedness, unification, uniformity, union, uniqueness, unison, unisonance, unity, univocity, unmixedness, unsophistication, whole, wholeness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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  • Oneness — may refer to: Divine simplicity, the belief that God is without parts Oneness (Carlos Santana album), a 1979 rock album Oneness (mathematics), a mathematical concept Oneness (metaphysics), a concept in philosophy Oneness (mysticism), union with… …   Wikipedia

  • Oneness — One ness, n. The state of being one; singleness in number; individuality; unity. [1913 Webster] Our God is one, or rather very oneness. Hooker. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • oneness — index agreement (concurrence), concordance, conformity (agreement), entity, facsimile, identity ( …   Law dictionary

  • oneness — (n.) 1590s, from ONE (Cf. one) + NESS (Cf. ness). A re formation of M.E. onnesse, which vanished by 13c …   Etymology dictionary

  • oneness — ► NOUN 1) the state of being unified, whole, or in harmony. 2) the state of being one in number …   English terms dictionary

  • oneness — [wun′nis] n. 1. singleness; unity 2. unity of mind, feeling, or purpose 3. sameness; identity …   English World dictionary

  • oneness — one|ness [ˈwʌnnıs] n [U] a peaceful feeling of being part of a whole oneness with ▪ a sense of oneness with nature …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • oneness — /wun nis/, n. 1. the quality of being one; singleness. 2. uniqueness. 3. sameness; identity. 4. unity of thought, feeling, belief, aim, etc.; agreement; concord. 5. a strong feeling of closeness or affinity; union: He feels a oneness with God.… …   Universalium

  • oneness — noun Date: circa 1555 the quality or state or fact of being one: as a. singleness b. integrity, wholeness c. harmony d. sameness, identity e. unity, union …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • oneness — noun a) State of being one or undivided; unity. b) The product of being one or undivided. See Also: one, only …   Wiktionary

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